Almira SWIMM.

Our open water swim race gives you the opportunity to compete in three distances 1.000 m (one loop, yellow line), 2.500 m (one loop, red line) and 5.000 m (two loops, red line).

All participants will receive: 1. Αναμνηστικό μετάλλιο (τερματίσαντες) 2. Σκουφάκι κολύμβησης 3. Μπανάνα 4. Παστα-παρτι 5. Τεχνικό μπλουζάκι του αγώνα.

The water temperature at race day is estimated to be between 18 and 21 Celsius.

Age group Categories: Men, Women (without wet suit) 18-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60- (to complete a sub category there must be 5 athletes at least.

Otherwise is incorporated to the previous one.

And general category for wetsuit users.

The Participation fee is 25 EURO.
Everybody who is participating on Sundays race can choose to race for free at AlmiraSWIMM or AlmiraFAST.
Participants at AlmiraFAST have a discount of 10 EURO at AlmiraSWIMM.