Entry Fee.

In group registrations, more than ten people there is a discount (€ 10.00 for long distance, and € 5.00 for short distance). For those who have registered for Sunday races, their participation on Saturday in AlmiraFAST or AlmiraSWIMM is free (either individual or team) (eg a team of three people. One athlete also runs on Sunday while the others two no, the corresponding amount is 0.00 + 20.00 + 20.00 total 40.00 € instead of 60.00 €).

The first 15 entries will have an entry fee in the individual FAST € 30.00 and in the MAN € 90.00.
The payment is made by depositing money in a Bank Account that is sent to you after completing the participation form, where the reason for deposit must be mentioned "AlmiraMAN" and the name of the participant or group.